Alpine CDE133BT Review & Buyers’ Guide

My older Bluetooth wireless connector for my car stereo broke recently, so when I was shopping for a replacement I decided to buy the Alpine CDE133BT receiver which comes with the same technology. I’ve always enjoyed listening to internet radio as it’s free and full of variety. In short, I just couldn’t live without a receiver I can connect to via Bluetooth, so owning a smart audio entertainment solution like what Alpine is offering appeals to me very much.

Alpine CDE133BT

Since my old receiver was bought at least five years ago, it was clearly an outdated product. When I installed the Alpine CDE133BT stereo, I was amazed at the many additional features packed into the adorable item. Now, I can easily load all music genres from the internet and transfer them into my 4GB USB flash card and, whenever I wanted to, I could listen to great music 24/7.

What’s more attractive is that the radio itself is equipped with a microphone. I mounted the microphone at a secure place that is within my easy reach.

When someone calls me, my phone rings and the radio immediately stops playing to allow me to hear the ringing tone and answer the call. All these can happen in a hands-free mode.

I have no regrets after I bought this unit. The Alpine CDE133BT will always be my number one sweetheart. I don’t care if it will actually get outdated as I love all the features that are readily available. Even if I buy a new one, I will keep this one for the car that I am currently using.

Alpine CDE133BT Technical Aspects/Product Descriptions

I bought my Alpine stereo after making a thorough consideration; I made a comparison chart and listed all the good and bad points of prospective car stereos available out there. After studying all of them, I decided that the Alpine CDE133BT is the best – so here I will share its technical aspects with you.

First of all, this particular stereo complies with CEA 2006, so there are no issues of credentials to worry about. It has an RMS power output equivalent to 18 watts, which I think is within the normal range. Its peak output equals to fifty watts, and the bandwidth for its RMS power falls within the range of 20 kilohertz.

It has two channels of preamp outputs, but it has no sub preamp and switchable behind preamp outputs. Anyway, these two features do not bother me much.

The Alpine CDE133BT uses 2 preamp volts, and it has a display color of white while the key button is colored blue. There are three EQ bands altogether, which allow for convenient audio setting. I love the wireless remote feature, and although this one is optional I tend to use it as the main option. An adapter is needed to enable the steering wheel control feature, so I bought this along with my Alpine stereo.

There is an aux input at the front of the unit, along with the USB input. There is also a slot to insert the memory card which I often use. The Bluetooth comes built-in, which I find to be very convenient.

The CDE133BT is not readily available with satellite and HD radio, but I configured them by myself. It’s compatible with a number of iPods like Nano, Touch and iPhone but not with Mini. Its tuning features include FM Sensitivity, European Tuning, Seek @ Scan and Radio Data System.

What I Love Most About the Alpine CDE133BT

  1. Built-in Bluetooth

This technology is powered by Parrot. With it, I can communicate and listen to audio streaming, hands-free. I connect it mostly to my iPhone, which is a Bluetooth-enabled device. The hands-free communication mode is made available through the use of a headset profile and hands-free profile from the Alpine head. Wireless audio streaming is made available when the advanced audio distribution profile is being used along with audio @ video remote control profile that are compatible with my iPhone.

  1. Five Pairings

This particular Alpine stereo is able to pair up with five mobile devices that are compatible with the Bluetooth technology. However, only one communication device is allowed for use at any single time. Please take note that some mobile phones with Bluetooth can’t be used for this purpose.

  1. Separate Microphone Plus Noise Elimination

I adore the separate Alpine CDE133BT microphone as it comes with a visor-clip that enables me to clip it to anywhere I feel fit. With the microphone, I can receive and make calls on hands-free mode, and the voice of the person on the other end is played through the stereo speakers. The noise elimination feature ensures that all my calls are clearly heard. The volume has seven adjustable levels, from 0 to 7. If I choose to ignore a caller, I can simply switch to the mute version; this blocks my voice and makes it unheard by the caller. The separate microphone comes with a diameter of 0.5625 inches and a depth of 1.625 inches.

  1. Convenience in Call Making and Receiving

Call making becomes a breeze as there are a number of options to choose from. I’ve used the voice dialing, phonebook in an alphabetical order, preset dialing and call history features. To answer calls, there are two options. An incoming call is informed by a ringtone played via the speaker or the Alpine head unit.

Alpine CDE133BT  Drawbacks

If you are using an iPhone 4 or older, the initial Bluetooth setup for this Alpine CDE133BT stereo could be bothersome. This is especially true when you are not referring to the manual guide. However, once the initial setup has been done, you’ll find no other problems. I am usually very busy, and during the setup I tried to do it on my own, and I had a hard time trying to figure out the settings, so don’t follow me as an example.