Alpine iDA-X305 Review & Buyers’ Guide

Being a music enthusiast, my days won’t feel complete if I don’t listen to at least one good song. That’s why I bought the Alpine iDA-X305 head unit as it could enhance my music listening experience.

I am also a fanatical user of the latest iPhone, and with this head unit from Alpine I can easily listen to music via my smart phone whenever I am behind the wheels.

Alpine iDA-X305

I am happy to be able to get full control of my iPhone by using the Alpine iDA-X305, thanks to its hands-free feature. The best part is that this item is loaded with the newest features that will surely provide the ultimate iPod listening experience.

I also have an iPod, so I can always use it to view my Album Art using the high resolution, color TFT display. There are 3 options of screen viewing available and each one of them provides excellent visibility even when I am exposed to really bright sunlight.

The Alpine iDA-X305 is equipped with one big double-action rotary encoder knob. This is meant for ultimate control for every music search function. One example is the QuickSearch feature whereby you use it to find songs and adjust the sound volume. The knob can be removed from the face plate – I always take it off to avoid possibilities of theft.

Alpine iDA-X305 Product Description

There are various reasons why I chose to buy this Alpine head unit. One of the reasons is because this device is packed with lots and lots of features. For one, they are available in two illumination button options, red and blue. It has a USB connecting point for both my iPod and iPhone. It is compatible with iTunes Tagging and I get to opt for HD Radio Tuner.

I really adore the artwork display available for my iPhone and iPod. At the same time, the USB feature of the Alpine head unit has the capacity to playback music with ease as it has a really large music storage file. Of course, this darling is ready with a built-in Bluetooth. Weighing around 2.8 lbs., in my opinion it’s not heavy at all and it looks great when mounted inside my car. It’s not that large-sized either, as its overall dimension is only 9.3” x 9.3” x 6.7”.

Things I Looked for in the Alpine iDA-X305 Head Unit

  1. No tweaking necessary

Alpine head units are made to be ready for use. I didn’t have to think about adding more items to it to make it more functional. In other words, it works well on itself.

It is already compatible with iPhones and iPods. What more do I need in a digital media receiver? None, I suppose. After all, this item maintains its previous size and its interface is still backed up by the same rotary interface.

I get to enjoy really fast digital media browsing experience, and I admit, this is the most important feature that I looked for in the Alpine iDA-X305.

  1. Superb Design

It’s a fact that these Alpine head units are loaded with futuristic features as they have prominent aspect in terms of its interface. For one, I really love its control knob that is located at the left side, just beside the centre. The knob is also known as the double-action encoder. I am able to twist it so that it performs certain tasks like volume adjustment, scrolling on the menu options and getting access to digital media files.

To use it, I simply press the big ‘Enter’ button located exactly in the middle of the knob. Whenever I want to reverse a function, I simply hit the ‘Back’ button located at the left of the knob.

  1. Quick Search

When I press and twist the encoder’s outer ring, the Quick Search action will be activated. I love using the percentage search feature whereby I can jump to a specific search right away. The alphabet search feature is great to use as well – it allows me to go directly to a list arranged in an alphabetical order. Both search versions are easy to select and I only need to tap the ‘F’ button with my finger. You can find them located in-between the screen and the knob. I like to use both of them simply because they provide a really fast navigation experience regardless of the large files of digital media that I am trying to get access to.

  1. Overall Great Features

Honestly, I feel that the Alpine iDA-X305 will become my favorite digital media connector for a long time. Looking at its ability to store up to 100 files at a time, I don’t think I will be looking for a new head unit soon.

Alpine iDA-X305 Review Drawbacks

I have a little regret regarding this head unit, though. However, this little drawback does not affect my original opinion on its superb quality and functionality aspects.

If you buy the Alpine iDA-X305, you will discover that it does not include any mechanical pieces. It does not have any moving parts either. Thus, you can clearly expect to have no slots for CDs, although this is rather an outdated feature and no longer looked for by most of us. On the bright side, if you are solely looking for wireless connectivity systems, this head unit is the one to go for.

I have been using the iPod controls and it does not have any navigation problems at all. However, the only regret I have in this is that I tend to take time to browse through my long list of songs. Thus, it is not really easy to find a particular song from the iPad controls. However, it all originated from my own fault, as I didn’t organize my list the proper way. Anyway, I personally think that it is much simpler to navigate when I put my songs in the playlists.