Alpine MRP-F300 Review & Buyers’ Guide

I have just bought a new car and I actually had a hard time trying to decide which amplifier to install on it. But once I have inspected the Alpine MRP-F300, I quickly knew that it was the one that I have to choose.

Once I got it installed, it immediately came to life and I felt a surge of energy sweeping up into my bloodstream. It was a great feeling – it was as if I was on steroids! Nah, I am just joking – I haven’t tried steroids before, how would I know the feeling when one is on it?

Alpine MRP-F300

Anyway, my Alpine MRP-F300 really rocks. Although I have only used it for about a month, nothing can change my mind about the quality of the audio that it produces. When I increase the sound volume, the quality becomes better. That’s one point that is very important for me, as I love listening to loud music.

Even the installation process was as easy as a breeze. This is mainly because it has a compact size; it can fit well in almost all types of vehicles, big and small. Mine was mounted in a vertical way at the back of the side panel and it was still easy for me to get control of it.

At first, I was nervous to install it by myself, knowing that I am a nerd when it comes to things like this. Nevertheless, since the manual can be downloaded into my iPad, I got easy reference whenever I wanted to. The rest is history. Now, all I do is enjoy good music from the Alpine MRP-F300 whenever I hop into my car.

Alpine MRP-F300 Specifications

Buying any amplifier without doing a bit of research beforehand is somewhat an unintelligent move. For that reason, let me share with you a number of features of the Alpine MRP-F300 that I feel important for you to know.

To begin with, the product we are discussing is a car amplifier that belongs to the V-Power Series. It has four channels for Class D cars. The RMS Power Rating for this gadget is divided into three. The first one is four ohms with fifty watts x four channels. The second one is two ohms with seventy-five watts x four channels. The third one is bridged, has four ohms with a hundred and fifty watts x two channels.

The power supply that it uses is from the Pulse Width Modulated MOSFET. With your purchase, you’ll be given a wired remote control for the bass level. It has two indicators: green is LED power and red is for ‘protect’. You can choose from a variable range of bass boost that starts from zero to twelve dB at fifty hertz. This Alpine MRP-F300 has a soft initial turn-on, a feature I really adore.

From my observation, the channel operation is available in mono or 4/3/2 version. Other than that, I am happy with another feature that I found – the automatic switch-on. It is made available through the presence of speaker high level inputs (with signal sensing).

Another feature that I like in the Alpine MRP-F300 is the three-way protection circuitry. It’s to protect from thermal, overload, and speaker short. The heat sink also has a considerably good build-up and it uses aluminum alloy for material, which is very heavy duty and durable.

I found out that the input sensitivity levels accommodate both lows and highs. For low, it’s 200mV-4V and for high, it’s 500mV-10V. Both high and low pass filters are variable; for high it ranges from 50 to 499 hertz with 12 dB per octave and for low it ranges from 50 to 400 hertz with 24 dB per octave. I believe that the Alpine MRP-F300 is a good product, indeed, as it complies with the CEA 2006.

It has four-gauge power complete with a ground wiring – these two are compulsory during installation. Thus, it’s really convenient to have them included with your purchase.

Last but not the least, the product dimension is 7 7/8 inches (width) x 7 7/8 inches (length) x 2 3/16 inches (height). It comes with a one year warranty as the basic protection plan.

Alpine MRP-F300 Review Pros

I’ve gotten some really good experiences when using this product. I will write some of the important ones in this review.

  1. Solid connectors

When all the cables have been installed, next is to put in the connectors. I can say that each of the connectors feel solid and firm in its place.

  1. Excellent audio quality

My first experience with the Alpine MRP-F300 was amazing. The audio quality was clean and sharp and there was no buffering whatsoever. I could hear every single sound in detail – I was putting on a CD and I felt almost like listening to a live performance. It was that good, believe me. All the trios – low, middle and high notes – were delivered in perfection and with good balance. If you install a speaker level input, the best way to experience good audio is by setting the front gain to a point slightly below nine o’clock.

  1. No additional subwoofers are necessary

Perhaps, you have been planning to buy a couple of subwoofers to increase your audio listening experience. If you have that in mind, it’s perfectly alright to get yourself a good pair of them. However, if you haven’t decided yet, take note that this Alpine MRP-F300 doesn’t really need any subwoofers. It works well on its own – it will help your speakers produce excellent audio quality without fail.

Alpine MRP-F300 Review Cons

I’ve experienced something rather disappointing during the first few days of using it. Perhaps I have installed it the wrong way, and the amplifier shut off out of a sudden and it couldn’t be turned on again. Since it was rather a big problem, I returned the product to the seller. Fortunately, the customer service was excellent and I got a replacement product within 3 business days. Since then, I experienced no further problems. I am happy with it so far.