Alpine MRP-M500 Review & Buyers’ Guide

Different people have different preferences, but for me the Alpine MRP-M500 Monoblock 500 Watt RMS Power Amp is the right fit for my enjoyment in quality audio.

I didn’t give much thought when I bought this amplifier; but although it was a purchase done on impulse, it has never disappointed me – not even once. Two years have gone by and I am still loyal to this Alpines. I think I am going to stick with this amp as long as I can.

For one, I really prefer having a Class D digital amplifier, and I got just that with this monoblock.

As I am such a careless person, I appreciate the additional protection being applied on these speakers to prevent over-current and over-voltage from occurring.

Alpine MRP-M500

Alpine MRP-M500 Overall Specifications and Features

One of the reasons why I chose to buy the Alpine MRP-M500 is because it belongs to the V-Power Series. They are the monoblock digital amplifiers from the D class. Their RMS rating of power is divided into two: for 4 ohms, 300 watts is used per channel, while for 2 ohms, 500 watts is used per channel. The maximum power output is equivalent to 500 watts per channel.

The Alpine MRP-M500 comes with provided integrated wires and terminals for mounting the screws. Additionally, they have two indicators showing LED power in blue and protect in red, so I know exactly what is going on by referring to the indicators.

I love quality bass sounds and I am really glad that I get to adjust my bass boost according to my preference, anytime. This is because the bass boost is varied from zero to twelve dB at fifty Hertz.

There is one feature that I really like – the soft, initial turn on. Because of this, it’s unlikely for me to be jolted, so to speak, with sudden loud noises when the speakers are turned on.

Another good thing that I would like to share is the availability of four or two-channel operation. In other words, you won’t get stuck with only one option. For the speaker level inputs, there are four channels altogether. If you want to use many speakers, you will find the dual speaker terminals handy as they simplify the attachment process.

There are quite a lot of amazing features present in the Alpine MRP-M500. For instance, the heat sink is made of pressure-resistant aluminum alloy. The speakers’ input sensitivity starts from 0.4 volts to 10 volts. The preamp out is non-fading in nature, which I feel is a very important feature.

Another great feature that I really like is the low-pass filter, as it comes in variables starting from fifty to four hundred hertz dB per octave.

If you are concerned of the compatibility of these Alpine amps, be rest assured that they do comply with the CEA of 2006.

If you are not sure whether they will fit nicely into your vehicle, try taking into account its exact dimension which is 7 7/8 inches (width) x 7 7/8 inches (length) x 2 3/16 inches (height). In my case, they fit perfectly into my car space.

I am super glad that they only need minimum installation requirements. If you have 4-gauge power and ground wiring, you’re good to go as these are the only things required.

Oh yes, this amp comes with a one year warranty. I almost forgot to resend my warranty card to the manufacturer; luckily, my wife reminded me of it. Well, this is rather important because you’ll only become eligible for free maintenance if you have proof of purchase.

The Benefits of the Alpine MRP-M500

There are various bonus points one gets from the Alpine MRP-M500 and I am delighted to share them with you.

For one, the RCA input connectors are plated with gold, so they are forever rust-free and very long lasting.

For a budget concerned consumer like myself, I love the fact that I am able to own a mid-grade set of amplifiers that have the appearance of a high-end set. They’re superb in the sense that they work pretty well with most four-wheeled vehicles. My car isn’t really equipped with a lot of power gauge to increase the audio experience, but I still get a satisfactory audio quality. In fact, my vehicle’s electrical system isn’t affected at all when I put the Alpine MRP-M500 to work.

Alpine MRP-M500 Negative Points

I don’t know whether this one is a negative point, but having limited EQ functions for the Alpine MRP-M500 monoblock amp seems rather disappointing to me. However, at the price that they were offered, I truly understand that it would not be fair if the manufacturer has to come up with too much additional features. Anyway, after doing a bit of inspection, I found out that the existing EQ functions are actually good enough. If you think for a while, you will discover that there are many benefits you can enjoy: you have perfect control of the center frequency, the crossover point, as well as the boost of the bass.

I can’t deny the fact that it is rather difficult to obtain smooth audio quality between my amps and my 4-channel amp. However, this problem isn’t really a problem in the first place, as you only need to take more time compared to having additional EQ controls.

Also, the bass boost puts a definite peak in its frequency output so that the amplitude drops off above and below the center frequency. That means that if you want to get the maximum power output, your range is going to be somewhat limited.

All in all, I am a proud owner of the Alpine MRP-M500. The little drawbacks are not in any way affecting my music listening experience when I’m using my car, so I am not regretting anything at all.