Alpine SPR-60C Review & Buyers’ Guide

I drive an older vehicle, a Scion TC manufactured in 2007, and when I bought the Alpine SPR-60C I thought it would be just average. After all, I didn’t expect much from this item as it wasn’t really a high end product in my opinion. However, my opinion changed completely once I have installed it. My older speaker made my side mirrors shake a bit when I turned the bass volume up. My Alpine isn’t anything like that. It rocks – that’s what I honestly think.

Alpine SPR-60C

Although I am not an expert in music, just like almost everyone else I can differentiate a good quality audio from the bad. I love listening to music, especially when the bass and treble sounds are perfect. I actually paired my speaker with the Alpine PDX F-4 amplifier and, boy, how it really rocks!

The pair was placed at the front of my car door and I have another SPR-60C Alpine Audio component system installed at the back, without any pairing. So far, so good! This gadget has never disappointed me; in fact, I love sitting inside my car just because I can listen to quality music. The price is so affordable too, yet it delivers much more than you actually expect it to.

Alpine SPR-60C General Features

If you decide to buy an audio component system for permanent use, it helps if you know a bit about its general features. I am not a technician or a mechanic, and my knowledge about the Alpine Audio SPR-60C was almost zero. However, before I bought it, I made an inquiry at the sales department and I was given a list of the general features of this piece of gadget. I am going to share it with you in this review.

First of all, this item is Type-R, measuring 6½ inches. It’s a two-way audio component system. Its power handling, just like all other systems, is available in two versions. For the peak, it could handle 660 watts/set, so for each side its maximum capacity equals 330 watts. For the RMS, it is 220 watts/set, with each side having 110 watts.

It has an impedance of four ohms. The surround is made of rubber, and it protects the pulp woofer that is hybrid layered. The tweeter is textile ring-dome measuring one inch. It has external crossover points of twelve dB per octave for high pass and six dB per octave for loss pass. Its frequency response is within the range of 65 to 29k hertz.

The sensitivity level of the Alpine SPR-60C is 88dB. The top mount is rather deep; it measures 2 inches, whereas the bottom mount depth measures exactly 2½ inches. It has a dimension of 5 inches x 5 inches.

Each order consists of a pair of audio component systems, and it comes with speaker grills. Last but not the least, this item comes with a basic warranty of one year which can be extended with added payment.

One of the most important things to note is the size of your vehicle before installing any audio component systems. If your vehicle can make room for 6½ inches, you are good to go. Take note that the Alpine SPR-60C doesn’t allow for shallow mount installation. Its overall weight equals 6.8 lbs.

Alpine SPR-60C Review Positive Points

I can’t deny the fact that the number one reason why I really love having this Alpine audio system is because it produces excellent quality sounds. The tweeters are really powerful, that’s a fact that is hard to ignore. My settings for the tweeters is -4, and I am able to turn the tweeters down even more to achieve the perfect audio balance.

I pair them with Alpine amps, with a setting of 100 RMS for each channel. Although it was a time-consuming installation process, in the end I was totally satisfied and truly happy with what I got.

Looking at their size, most probably you won’t expect much from them. However, they are really good stuff. 110 RMS of power is used in my case, and it’s good enough for me. Until now, the sounds produced are really clear. The high notes are really sharp and soothing to my ears. The middle and low ranges are pretty awesome too. Whenever I sit in my car and put the Alpine SPR-60C on, I feel as if I actually have a few subwoofers installed that actually produce such excellent quality audio. Overall, I am totally pleased with what I have now.

I’ve also installed another Alpine audio system from the same model for my other car. For that one, it uses 150 watt RMS. Nevertheless, they handled the power well enough; thus, I have nothing to worry about them getting burned.

Alpine SPR-60C Review Drawbacks

The Alpine SPR-60C audio speakers are phenomenal; at least that’s what I’ve been thinking. However, it does a bit more power. Thus, you are not advised to use low watts per channel like, say, 60 watts or lower. These are not powerful enough and you won’t be able to enjoy good music with them.

Anyway, this is just a small matter because you can always upgrade to the Alpine 100 watts RMS for each channel, and your car will come alive with great audio quality.

These audio systems are not made of expensive materials. Some people regard this issue a drawback. However, to me it’s not really a disadvantage. Due to the utilization of cheap materials, the manufacturer is able to sell their items at cheaper prices without compromising quality outputs.

In my opinion, the overall build-up and design are great. To increase the audio quality even more, you can actually install a 500-watt RMS amplifier, but that’s completely optional.