Alpine SPR-60C Review & Buyers’ Guide

I drive an older vehicle, a Scion TC manufactured in 2007, and when I bought the Alpine SPR-60C I thought it would be just average. After all, I didn’t expect much from this item as it wasn’t really a high end product in my opinion. However, my opinion changed completely once I have installed it. My older speaker made my side mirrors shake a bit when I turned the bass volume up. My Alpine isn’t anything like that. It rocks – that’s what I honestly think.

Alpine SPR-60C

Although I am not an expert in music, just like almost everyone else I can differentiate a good quality audio from the bad. I love listening to music, especially when the bass and treble sounds are perfect. I actually paired my speaker with the Alpine PDX F-4 amplifier and, boy, how it really rocks!

The pair was placed at the front of my car door and I have another SPR-60C Alpine Audio component system installed at the back, without any pairing. So far, so good! This gadget has never disappointed me; in fact, I love sitting inside my car just because I can listen to quality music. The price is so affordable too, yet it delivers much more than you actually expect it to.

Alpine SPR-60C General Features

If you decide to buy an audio component system for permanent use, it helps if you know a bit about its general features. I am not a technician or a mechanic, and my knowledge about the Alpine Audio SPR-60C was almost zero. However, before I bought it, I made an inquiry at the sales department and I was given a list of the general features of this piece of gadget. I am going to share it with you in this review.

First of all, this item is Type-R, measuring 6½ inches. It’s a two-way audio component system. Its power handling, just like all other systems, is available in two versions. For the peak, it could handle 660 watts/set, so for each side its maximum capacity equals 330 watts. For the RMS, it is 220 watts/set, with each side having 110 watts.

It has an impedance of four ohms. The surround is made of rubber, and it protects the pulp woofer that is hybrid layered. The tweeter is textile ring-dome measuring one inch. It has external crossover points of twelve dB per octave for high pass and six dB per octave for loss pass. Its frequency response is within the range of 65 to 29k hertz.

The sensitivity level of the Alpine SPR-60C is 88dB. The top mount is rather deep; it measures 2 inches, whereas the bottom mount depth measures exactly 2½ inches. It has a dimension of 5 inches x 5 inches.

Each order consists of a pair of audio component systems, and it comes with speaker grills. Last but not the least, this item comes with a basic warranty of one year which can be extended with added payment.

One of the most important things to note is the size of your vehicle before installing any audio component systems. If your vehicle can make room for 6½ inches, you are good to go. Take note that the Alpine SPR-60C doesn’t allow for shallow mount installation. Its overall weight equals 6.8 lbs.

Alpine SPR-60C Review Positive Points

I can’t deny the fact that the number one reason why I really love having this Alpine audio system is because it produces excellent quality sounds. The tweeters are really powerful, that’s a fact that is hard to ignore. My settings for the tweeters is -4, and I am able to turn the tweeters down even more to achieve the perfect audio balance.

I pair them with Alpine amps, with a setting of 100 RMS for each channel. Although it was a time-consuming installation process, in the end I was totally satisfied and truly happy with what I got.

Looking at their size, most probably you won’t expect much from them. However, they are really good stuff. 110 RMS of power is used in my case, and it’s good enough for me. Until now, the sounds produced are really clear. The high notes are really sharp and soothing to my ears. The middle and low ranges are pretty awesome too. Whenever I sit in my car and put the Alpine SPR-60C on, I feel as if I actually have a few subwoofers installed that actually produce such excellent quality audio. Overall, I am totally pleased with what I have now.

I’ve also installed another Alpine audio system from the same model for my other car. For that one, it uses 150 watt RMS. Nevertheless, they handled the power well enough; thus, I have nothing to worry about them getting burned.

Alpine SPR-60C Review Drawbacks

The Alpine SPR-60C audio speakers are phenomenal; at least that’s what I’ve been thinking. However, it does a bit more power. Thus, you are not advised to use low watts per channel like, say, 60 watts or lower. These are not powerful enough and you won’t be able to enjoy good music with them.

Anyway, this is just a small matter because you can always upgrade to the Alpine 100 watts RMS for each channel, and your car will come alive with great audio quality.

These audio systems are not made of expensive materials. Some people regard this issue a drawback. However, to me it’s not really a disadvantage. Due to the utilization of cheap materials, the manufacturer is able to sell their items at cheaper prices without compromising quality outputs.

In my opinion, the overall build-up and design are great. To increase the audio quality even more, you can actually install a 500-watt RMS amplifier, but that’s completely optional.

Alpine MRP-M500 Review & Buyers’ Guide

Different people have different preferences, but for me the Alpine MRP-M500 Monoblock 500 Watt RMS Power Amp is the right fit for my enjoyment in quality audio.

I didn’t give much thought when I bought this amplifier; but although it was a purchase done on impulse, it has never disappointed me – not even once. Two years have gone by and I am still loyal to this Alpines. I think I am going to stick with this amp as long as I can.

For one, I really prefer having a Class D digital amplifier, and I got just that with this monoblock.

As I am such a careless person, I appreciate the additional protection being applied on these speakers to prevent over-current and over-voltage from occurring.

Alpine MRP-M500

Alpine MRP-M500 Overall Specifications and Features

One of the reasons why I chose to buy the Alpine MRP-M500 is because it belongs to the V-Power Series. They are the monoblock digital amplifiers from the D class. Their RMS rating of power is divided into two: for 4 ohms, 300 watts is used per channel, while for 2 ohms, 500 watts is used per channel. The maximum power output is equivalent to 500 watts per channel.

The Alpine MRP-M500 comes with provided integrated wires and terminals for mounting the screws. Additionally, they have two indicators showing LED power in blue and protect in red, so I know exactly what is going on by referring to the indicators.

I love quality bass sounds and I am really glad that I get to adjust my bass boost according to my preference, anytime. This is because the bass boost is varied from zero to twelve dB at fifty Hertz.

There is one feature that I really like – the soft, initial turn on. Because of this, it’s unlikely for me to be jolted, so to speak, with sudden loud noises when the speakers are turned on.

Another good thing that I would like to share is the availability of four or two-channel operation. In other words, you won’t get stuck with only one option. For the speaker level inputs, there are four channels altogether. If you want to use many speakers, you will find the dual speaker terminals handy as they simplify the attachment process.

There are quite a lot of amazing features present in the Alpine MRP-M500. For instance, the heat sink is made of pressure-resistant aluminum alloy. The speakers’ input sensitivity starts from 0.4 volts to 10 volts. The preamp out is non-fading in nature, which I feel is a very important feature.

Another great feature that I really like is the low-pass filter, as it comes in variables starting from fifty to four hundred hertz dB per octave.

If you are concerned of the compatibility of these Alpine amps, be rest assured that they do comply with the CEA of 2006.

If you are not sure whether they will fit nicely into your vehicle, try taking into account its exact dimension which is 7 7/8 inches (width) x 7 7/8 inches (length) x 2 3/16 inches (height). In my case, they fit perfectly into my car space.

I am super glad that they only need minimum installation requirements. If you have 4-gauge power and ground wiring, you’re good to go as these are the only things required.

Oh yes, this amp comes with a one year warranty. I almost forgot to resend my warranty card to the manufacturer; luckily, my wife reminded me of it. Well, this is rather important because you’ll only become eligible for free maintenance if you have proof of purchase.

The Benefits of the Alpine MRP-M500

There are various bonus points one gets from the Alpine MRP-M500 and I am delighted to share them with you.

For one, the RCA input connectors are plated with gold, so they are forever rust-free and very long lasting.

For a budget concerned consumer like myself, I love the fact that I am able to own a mid-grade set of amplifiers that have the appearance of a high-end set. They’re superb in the sense that they work pretty well with most four-wheeled vehicles. My car isn’t really equipped with a lot of power gauge to increase the audio experience, but I still get a satisfactory audio quality. In fact, my vehicle’s electrical system isn’t affected at all when I put the Alpine MRP-M500 to work.

Alpine MRP-M500 Negative Points

I don’t know whether this one is a negative point, but having limited EQ functions for the Alpine MRP-M500 monoblock amp seems rather disappointing to me. However, at the price that they were offered, I truly understand that it would not be fair if the manufacturer has to come up with too much additional features. Anyway, after doing a bit of inspection, I found out that the existing EQ functions are actually good enough. If you think for a while, you will discover that there are many benefits you can enjoy: you have perfect control of the center frequency, the crossover point, as well as the boost of the bass.

I can’t deny the fact that it is rather difficult to obtain smooth audio quality between my amps and my 4-channel amp. However, this problem isn’t really a problem in the first place, as you only need to take more time compared to having additional EQ controls.

Also, the bass boost puts a definite peak in its frequency output so that the amplitude drops off above and below the center frequency. That means that if you want to get the maximum power output, your range is going to be somewhat limited.

All in all, I am a proud owner of the Alpine MRP-M500. The little drawbacks are not in any way affecting my music listening experience when I’m using my car, so I am not regretting anything at all.

Alpine iDA-X305 Review & Buyers’ Guide

Being a music enthusiast, my days won’t feel complete if I don’t listen to at least one good song. That’s why I bought the Alpine iDA-X305 head unit as it could enhance my music listening experience.

I am also a fanatical user of the latest iPhone, and with this head unit from Alpine I can easily listen to music via my smart phone whenever I am behind the wheels.

Alpine iDA-X305

I am happy to be able to get full control of my iPhone by using the Alpine iDA-X305, thanks to its hands-free feature. The best part is that this item is loaded with the newest features that will surely provide the ultimate iPod listening experience.

I also have an iPod, so I can always use it to view my Album Art using the high resolution, color TFT display. There are 3 options of screen viewing available and each one of them provides excellent visibility even when I am exposed to really bright sunlight.

The Alpine iDA-X305 is equipped with one big double-action rotary encoder knob. This is meant for ultimate control for every music search function. One example is the QuickSearch feature whereby you use it to find songs and adjust the sound volume. The knob can be removed from the face plate – I always take it off to avoid possibilities of theft.

Alpine iDA-X305 Product Description

There are various reasons why I chose to buy this Alpine head unit. One of the reasons is because this device is packed with lots and lots of features. For one, they are available in two illumination button options, red and blue. It has a USB connecting point for both my iPod and iPhone. It is compatible with iTunes Tagging and I get to opt for HD Radio Tuner.

I really adore the artwork display available for my iPhone and iPod. At the same time, the USB feature of the Alpine head unit has the capacity to playback music with ease as it has a really large music storage file. Of course, this darling is ready with a built-in Bluetooth. Weighing around 2.8 lbs., in my opinion it’s not heavy at all and it looks great when mounted inside my car. It’s not that large-sized either, as its overall dimension is only 9.3” x 9.3” x 6.7”.

Things I Looked for in the Alpine iDA-X305 Head Unit

  1. No tweaking necessary

Alpine head units are made to be ready for use. I didn’t have to think about adding more items to it to make it more functional. In other words, it works well on itself.

It is already compatible with iPhones and iPods. What more do I need in a digital media receiver? None, I suppose. After all, this item maintains its previous size and its interface is still backed up by the same rotary interface.

I get to enjoy really fast digital media browsing experience, and I admit, this is the most important feature that I looked for in the Alpine iDA-X305.

  1. Superb Design

It’s a fact that these Alpine head units are loaded with futuristic features as they have prominent aspect in terms of its interface. For one, I really love its control knob that is located at the left side, just beside the centre. The knob is also known as the double-action encoder. I am able to twist it so that it performs certain tasks like volume adjustment, scrolling on the menu options and getting access to digital media files.

To use it, I simply press the big ‘Enter’ button located exactly in the middle of the knob. Whenever I want to reverse a function, I simply hit the ‘Back’ button located at the left of the knob.

  1. Quick Search

When I press and twist the encoder’s outer ring, the Quick Search action will be activated. I love using the percentage search feature whereby I can jump to a specific search right away. The alphabet search feature is great to use as well – it allows me to go directly to a list arranged in an alphabetical order. Both search versions are easy to select and I only need to tap the ‘F’ button with my finger. You can find them located in-between the screen and the knob. I like to use both of them simply because they provide a really fast navigation experience regardless of the large files of digital media that I am trying to get access to.

  1. Overall Great Features

Honestly, I feel that the Alpine iDA-X305 will become my favorite digital media connector for a long time. Looking at its ability to store up to 100 files at a time, I don’t think I will be looking for a new head unit soon.

Alpine iDA-X305 Review Drawbacks

I have a little regret regarding this head unit, though. However, this little drawback does not affect my original opinion on its superb quality and functionality aspects.

If you buy the Alpine iDA-X305, you will discover that it does not include any mechanical pieces. It does not have any moving parts either. Thus, you can clearly expect to have no slots for CDs, although this is rather an outdated feature and no longer looked for by most of us. On the bright side, if you are solely looking for wireless connectivity systems, this head unit is the one to go for.

I have been using the iPod controls and it does not have any navigation problems at all. However, the only regret I have in this is that I tend to take time to browse through my long list of songs. Thus, it is not really easy to find a particular song from the iPad controls. However, it all originated from my own fault, as I didn’t organize my list the proper way. Anyway, I personally think that it is much simpler to navigate when I put my songs in the playlists.

Alpine CDE-HD138BT Review & Buyers’ Guide

I have bought a few car audio systems in the past, and I know a little beyond the basics of these gadgets. I bought the Alpine CDE-HD138BT with an average expectation. Contrary to what I expected, I found that the controls were excellent and intuitive. It’s easy for me to get access to it due to its well-thought design and features. I could even bookmark my favorite items, so it became a convenient gadget for me to listen to audio books and podcasts.

Alpine CDE-HD138BT

I got my Alpine receiver installed into my old car. I even paired it with two SPR-60 speakers, also from the Alpine brand. To my amazement, I found that this could be one of the best sound systems available in its range. Personally, this is the best one that I’ve ever had.

I studied the system a bit and learned that it is pretty flexible. It has seven-band graphic equalizers and, according to the sales department that I contacted earlier, you can also use the five-band parametric equalizer. In other words, the option lies in your hands. From my understanding, the graphic equalizers are meant for easy use and the parametric equalizers are meant for obtaining better quality audio.

Alpine CDE-HD138BT Features and Specifications

I love the fact that the Alpine CDE-HD138BT is loaded with amazing features. I am going to discuss some of the great ones that I have explored and used to obtain the highest pleasure from this gadget right below.

  1. It is compatible with internet radio and it works really well with both Android and iPhone. Since I have been using both Android and iPhone on different devices, I find this feature very useful.
  2. It has a built-in HD radio receiver, a feature that allows quick transmission. I love this one very much indeed.
  3. Audio streaming becomes an effortless task due to the presence of wireless technology powered by BT Plus Bluetooth technology.
  4. The Alpine CDE-HD138BT is compatible with SiriusXM. If you want this, simply subscribe to XM and tuner – they’re available on a separate basis.
  5. You’ll enjoy the passenger controls when using the USB plug to connect to your iPhones and iPods.
  6. The USB could store a huge array of files.
  7. You’ll find an aux input jack at the front.
  8. There are 3 4V preouts altogether.
  9. You’ll get a built-in amplifier (18W x 4).
  10. The steering wheel remote is readily available.
  11. There is a compact disc receiver, complete with an AM and FM tuner.
  12. You can call out and receive phone calls via hands-free mode.

The Things I Like Most About the Alpine CDE-HD138BT

After using the Alpine CDE-HD138BT for a while, I discovered that it does not have a standard ‘loudness’ feature. However, it has a better function called the Media Xpander Pro. Its work is to help in quality restoration as most digital compression systems are prone to lose a bit of sound quality. The best part is that I get to play around with three different levels of settings. With the preset feature, you only push a button and it will do its job automatically. You can also choose the custom level where the five-band output can be setup manually.

You might be aware that the sound quality produced by SiriusXM can be interrupted on some channels of music. With the Alpine CDE-HD138BT, you can simply choose the Media Xpander custom setting and you will get to increase your audio quality with ease.

If you cannot really be bothered to go into the actual EQ settings, you can still enjoy excellent audio quality by simply using the ‘bass and treble’ settings. These will enhance the lowest and highest EQ bands, so you don’t even need to touch the more technical side of the EQ settings.

Although the Alpine CDE-HD138BT isn’t a satellite radio head, you can easily control the loudness EQ settings.

There are various options available for this Alpine receiver, namely: HD radio (built-in), Bluetooth audio and hands-free, compact discs, phone connection via USB and, at the front, an aux input. Make sure that you have installed the SiriusXM tuner and antenna; these are additional items which you can install on a separate basis.

My favorite way of listening to music is by using a USB thumb drive. I load it with MP3 music and with AAC files. Then, I simply plug in the thumb drive straight into the unit’s front opening. I have downloaded a software from the internet called StreamWriter to streamline radio feeds from the internet and to channel it right into my MP3 or AAC files. The process does not involve any transcoding – I just put them inside my USB pen drive/thumb drive/memory stick and then just play my favorite music. The audio quality is superb all the time.

Although I drive an older car, this does not affect the way that I listen to good music. Up to now, I am happy that I have installed the Alpine CDE-HD138BT. I won’t change it out with anything else unless there is a better one around that is offered for the same price.

Alpine CDE-HD138BT Drawbacks

My disappointment lies in the absence of alert tones when I get my iPhone 6 connected through Bluetooth. Actually, the alert tones are there, but they are only available through the Bluetooth audio. Thus, since I am using another source such as SiriusXM, the tones were not audible.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a solution to this problem. If only this could be fixed and the Alpine CDE-HD138BT could disconnect the Bluetooth audio with my iPhone and maintain the applicability of the hands-free feature when I am on another audio source, I would have no other complaints.

Alpine MRP-F300 Review & Buyers’ Guide

I have just bought a new car and I actually had a hard time trying to decide which amplifier to install on it. But once I have inspected the Alpine MRP-F300, I quickly knew that it was the one that I have to choose.

Once I got it installed, it immediately came to life and I felt a surge of energy sweeping up into my bloodstream. It was a great feeling – it was as if I was on steroids! Nah, I am just joking – I haven’t tried steroids before, how would I know the feeling when one is on it?

Alpine MRP-F300

Anyway, my Alpine MRP-F300 really rocks. Although I have only used it for about a month, nothing can change my mind about the quality of the audio that it produces. When I increase the sound volume, the quality becomes better. That’s one point that is very important for me, as I love listening to loud music.

Even the installation process was as easy as a breeze. This is mainly because it has a compact size; it can fit well in almost all types of vehicles, big and small. Mine was mounted in a vertical way at the back of the side panel and it was still easy for me to get control of it.

At first, I was nervous to install it by myself, knowing that I am a nerd when it comes to things like this. Nevertheless, since the manual can be downloaded into my iPad, I got easy reference whenever I wanted to. The rest is history. Now, all I do is enjoy good music from the Alpine MRP-F300 whenever I hop into my car.

Alpine MRP-F300 Specifications

Buying any amplifier without doing a bit of research beforehand is somewhat an unintelligent move. For that reason, let me share with you a number of features of the Alpine MRP-F300 that I feel important for you to know.

To begin with, the product we are discussing is a car amplifier that belongs to the V-Power Series. It has four channels for Class D cars. The RMS Power Rating for this gadget is divided into three. The first one is four ohms with fifty watts x four channels. The second one is two ohms with seventy-five watts x four channels. The third one is bridged, has four ohms with a hundred and fifty watts x two channels.

The power supply that it uses is from the Pulse Width Modulated MOSFET. With your purchase, you’ll be given a wired remote control for the bass level. It has two indicators: green is LED power and red is for ‘protect’. You can choose from a variable range of bass boost that starts from zero to twelve dB at fifty hertz. This Alpine MRP-F300 has a soft initial turn-on, a feature I really adore.

From my observation, the channel operation is available in mono or 4/3/2 version. Other than that, I am happy with another feature that I found – the automatic switch-on. It is made available through the presence of speaker high level inputs (with signal sensing).

Another feature that I like in the Alpine MRP-F300 is the three-way protection circuitry. It’s to protect from thermal, overload, and speaker short. The heat sink also has a considerably good build-up and it uses aluminum alloy for material, which is very heavy duty and durable.

I found out that the input sensitivity levels accommodate both lows and highs. For low, it’s 200mV-4V and for high, it’s 500mV-10V. Both high and low pass filters are variable; for high it ranges from 50 to 499 hertz with 12 dB per octave and for low it ranges from 50 to 400 hertz with 24 dB per octave. I believe that the Alpine MRP-F300 is a good product, indeed, as it complies with the CEA 2006.

It has four-gauge power complete with a ground wiring – these two are compulsory during installation. Thus, it’s really convenient to have them included with your purchase.

Last but not the least, the product dimension is 7 7/8 inches (width) x 7 7/8 inches (length) x 2 3/16 inches (height). It comes with a one year warranty as the basic protection plan.

Alpine MRP-F300 Review Pros

I’ve gotten some really good experiences when using this product. I will write some of the important ones in this review.

  1. Solid connectors

When all the cables have been installed, next is to put in the connectors. I can say that each of the connectors feel solid and firm in its place.

  1. Excellent audio quality

My first experience with the Alpine MRP-F300 was amazing. The audio quality was clean and sharp and there was no buffering whatsoever. I could hear every single sound in detail – I was putting on a CD and I felt almost like listening to a live performance. It was that good, believe me. All the trios – low, middle and high notes – were delivered in perfection and with good balance. If you install a speaker level input, the best way to experience good audio is by setting the front gain to a point slightly below nine o’clock.

  1. No additional subwoofers are necessary

Perhaps, you have been planning to buy a couple of subwoofers to increase your audio listening experience. If you have that in mind, it’s perfectly alright to get yourself a good pair of them. However, if you haven’t decided yet, take note that this Alpine MRP-F300 doesn’t really need any subwoofers. It works well on its own – it will help your speakers produce excellent audio quality without fail.

Alpine MRP-F300 Review Cons

I’ve experienced something rather disappointing during the first few days of using it. Perhaps I have installed it the wrong way, and the amplifier shut off out of a sudden and it couldn’t be turned on again. Since it was rather a big problem, I returned the product to the seller. Fortunately, the customer service was excellent and I got a replacement product within 3 business days. Since then, I experienced no further problems. I am happy with it so far.

Alpine CDE133BT Review & Buyers’ Guide

My older Bluetooth wireless connector for my car stereo broke recently, so when I was shopping for a replacement I decided to buy the Alpine CDE133BT receiver which comes with the same technology. I’ve always enjoyed listening to internet radio as it’s free and full of variety. In short, I just couldn’t live without a receiver I can connect to via Bluetooth, so owning a smart audio entertainment solution like what Alpine is offering appeals to me very much.

Alpine CDE133BT

Since my old receiver was bought at least five years ago, it was clearly an outdated product. When I installed the Alpine CDE133BT stereo, I was amazed at the many additional features packed into the adorable item. Now, I can easily load all music genres from the internet and transfer them into my 4GB USB flash card and, whenever I wanted to, I could listen to great music 24/7.

What’s more attractive is that the radio itself is equipped with a microphone. I mounted the microphone at a secure place that is within my easy reach.

When someone calls me, my phone rings and the radio immediately stops playing to allow me to hear the ringing tone and answer the call. All these can happen in a hands-free mode.

I have no regrets after I bought this unit. The Alpine CDE133BT will always be my number one sweetheart. I don’t care if it will actually get outdated as I love all the features that are readily available. Even if I buy a new one, I will keep this one for the car that I am currently using.

Alpine CDE133BT Technical Aspects/Product Descriptions

I bought my Alpine stereo after making a thorough consideration; I made a comparison chart and listed all the good and bad points of prospective car stereos available out there. After studying all of them, I decided that the Alpine CDE133BT is the best – so here I will share its technical aspects with you.

First of all, this particular stereo complies with CEA 2006, so there are no issues of credentials to worry about. It has an RMS power output equivalent to 18 watts, which I think is within the normal range. Its peak output equals to fifty watts, and the bandwidth for its RMS power falls within the range of 20 kilohertz.

It has two channels of preamp outputs, but it has no sub preamp and switchable behind preamp outputs. Anyway, these two features do not bother me much.

The Alpine CDE133BT uses 2 preamp volts, and it has a display color of white while the key button is colored blue. There are three EQ bands altogether, which allow for convenient audio setting. I love the wireless remote feature, and although this one is optional I tend to use it as the main option. An adapter is needed to enable the steering wheel control feature, so I bought this along with my Alpine stereo.

There is an aux input at the front of the unit, along with the USB input. There is also a slot to insert the memory card which I often use. The Bluetooth comes built-in, which I find to be very convenient.

The CDE133BT is not readily available with satellite and HD radio, but I configured them by myself. It’s compatible with a number of iPods like Nano, Touch and iPhone but not with Mini. Its tuning features include FM Sensitivity, European Tuning, Seek @ Scan and Radio Data System.

What I Love Most About the Alpine CDE133BT

  1. Built-in Bluetooth

This technology is powered by Parrot. With it, I can communicate and listen to audio streaming, hands-free. I connect it mostly to my iPhone, which is a Bluetooth-enabled device. The hands-free communication mode is made available through the use of a headset profile and hands-free profile from the Alpine head. Wireless audio streaming is made available when the advanced audio distribution profile is being used along with audio @ video remote control profile that are compatible with my iPhone.

  1. Five Pairings

This particular Alpine stereo is able to pair up with five mobile devices that are compatible with the Bluetooth technology. However, only one communication device is allowed for use at any single time. Please take note that some mobile phones with Bluetooth can’t be used for this purpose.

  1. Separate Microphone Plus Noise Elimination

I adore the separate Alpine CDE133BT microphone as it comes with a visor-clip that enables me to clip it to anywhere I feel fit. With the microphone, I can receive and make calls on hands-free mode, and the voice of the person on the other end is played through the stereo speakers. The noise elimination feature ensures that all my calls are clearly heard. The volume has seven adjustable levels, from 0 to 7. If I choose to ignore a caller, I can simply switch to the mute version; this blocks my voice and makes it unheard by the caller. The separate microphone comes with a diameter of 0.5625 inches and a depth of 1.625 inches.

  1. Convenience in Call Making and Receiving

Call making becomes a breeze as there are a number of options to choose from. I’ve used the voice dialing, phonebook in an alphabetical order, preset dialing and call history features. To answer calls, there are two options. An incoming call is informed by a ringtone played via the speaker or the Alpine head unit.

Alpine CDE133BT  Drawbacks

If you are using an iPhone 4 or older, the initial Bluetooth setup for this Alpine CDE133BT stereo could be bothersome. This is especially true when you are not referring to the manual guide. However, once the initial setup has been done, you’ll find no other problems. I am usually very busy, and during the setup I tried to do it on my own, and I had a hard time trying to figure out the settings, so don’t follow me as an example.